Expert Huddles

Automate 2013 is introducing a new educational opportunity for attendees: the Expert Huddle. What is an expert huddle? It’s a discussion group led by an industry expert that focuses on an issue of importance to automation users. It can be a large issue that impacts everyone (such as cost justification and ROI) or a narrow issues that impacts a smaller number (solving problems in robotic kitting, for example).

An expert huddle is different from a conference presentation because:

  • The expert or “quarterback” doesn’t give a presentation or use any a/v – he or she moderates a discussion.
  • The expert huddle takes place right on the show floor
  • Each huddle is limited to 10 attendees (though some topics will be repeated throughout the show to help reach more people interested in the topic)
  • Huddles last no more than 50 minutes (we plan to space them one hour apart, need time in between).

Why Your Company Should Offer a Topic and Quarterback for an Expert Huddle

  • Positions your company as an industry leader and knowledge resource
  • Helps create awareness that will lead to more traffic at your booth
  • Can generate more attendees for talks your company may be giving in the Automate 2013 conference.

How to Become a Quarterback

  • Propose as many topics as you like – list a quarterback for each topic
  • Submit the form by November 1, 2012 (the earlier you submit the better since we will make decisions as topics are submitted).

Note: preference will be given to exhibiting companies, though some topics may be taught by educators and others with expertise who may not be able to exhibit.


Call Jeff Burnstein at 734/994-6088 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).