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Automate 2013

Conference Agenda

Monday, January 21, 2013
8:00 am to 10:30 am Tutorial 1 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Optics for Vision
Instructor: Stuart Singer, Schneider Optics, Inc.
Designed for the engineering professional, this course concentrates on real world techniques for putting together optic systems that work. You'll learn how to select proper lens components, optomechanical layout, including system bends, and mounting techniques. Prior attendance at a Basic Optics course is encouraged, but not required.
8:00 am to 12:00 pm Tutorial 2 – CVP-Basic Certification Class
The Fundamentals of Machine Vision
Instructor: David Dechow, Aptúra Machine Vision Solutions
You'll learn all the basics, including how images are captured and transferred to the computer, the principles of lighting, and the common processing algorithms used by machine vision systems. Discover how to successfully implement machine vision and how to avoid common pitfalls during the implementation, launch and production phases. This is an ideal training course for people new to machine vision as well as a great refresher course for anyone with machine vision responsibilities.

Tutorial 3
The Fundamentals of Robotics
Instructor: Bob Rochelle, Stäubli Robotics
You'll learn the basics of how robots work, which tasks they are best and least suited for, what you must consider when evaluating potential robot applications, how to evaluate robotic equipment and suppliers, how to effectively budget for robot applications, and how to avoid failure. This is a great training course for anyone seeking tips on how to successfully apply robots at their company.
8:45 am to 9:45 am Keynote Address: (free to all attendees)
The Impact of Robotics on Economic Growth

Henrik Christensen, Director of Robotics, Georgia Institute of Technology
A new wave of robotics has emerged that is revolutionizing manufacturing and distribution operations. Dr. Christensen will detail how these advances combined with core business drivers will help advance future economic growth.
Jointly held with ProMat 2013
11:00 am to 1:00 pm Tutorial 4 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Vision Lighting
Instructor: Jonathan Ludlow, Microscan Systems, Inc.
Designed for the engineering professional, this course concentrates on real world techniques for successful illumination. You'll learn how to select proper illumination wavelengths and how to deal with complex part surface geometries. Other topics include illumination integration, and controlling back reflections. Prior attendance at a Basic Lighting course is encouraged, but not required.
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Tutorial 5 – CVP-Basic Certification Class
Beginning Lighting & Optics for Machine Vision
Instructors:   Greg Hollows, Edmund Optics
Daryl Martin, Advanced illumination
This course focuses on lighting geometry and the basics of illumination optics. Learn how and where light fits into the energy spectrum, review components of the machine vision front end to understand how they impact the images acquired by the system, and learn how to define the fundamental parameters of optical layout. Get a real world understanding of how to balance your system's field of view, resolution working distance, and depth of field. You'll leave this course ready to converse with seasoned lighting and optics designers and suppliers!
1:30 pm to 5:00 pm Tutorial 6
Robotics System Integration
Instructor: John Burg, Ellison Technologies Automation
If you are seriously considering robotic automation in your facility you have a fundamental decision to make. Are you going to work with a robotic integrator or fly solo? This session will explore some of the pros and cons of both tracks and discuss how to make your robot installation a success.
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Tutorial 7 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Vision System Integration
Instructor: David Dechow, Aptúra Machine Vision Solutions
This course will detail proper techniques for implementing a vision system including application analysis, project specification and implementation of components. It will also address integration of a machine vision system into a full automation system including network communications. Attendees should possess a basic understanding of machine vision, optics and lighting.
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
8:00 am to 9:00 am Tutorial 8 - CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Reliable Vision Application Development

Instructor: Robert Tait, GE Global Research
Producing a reliable vision system is no accident. It begins with creating a strong specification that carries through to component selection to system development and finally deployment. This course will help the end user and the integrator walk through the steps needed to enhance their projects success. Individuals of all experience levels will benefit from the techniques that will be conveyed during this course.
8:45 am to 9:45 am Keynote Address: (free to all attendees)
Navigating the New Political Climate for Business Growth and Success
Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media
Steve Forbes assesses the impact of the newly inaugurated U.S. President on the future of the economy and business growth. Mr. Forbes will provide insights and strategic advice for business success. Always colorful and personal, this one-time presidential candidate gives commentary hard to find anywhere else.
Jointly held with ProMat 2013
10:00 am to 1:00 pm Tutorial 9 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology
Instructor: Steve Kinney, JAI, Inc.
Explore the different levels of image quality at the sensor level. Details relating to quantum efficiency, dark noise, signal to noise ratio will be discussed in detail. In addition to topics related to area scan cameras, the proper usage of line scan and TDI cameras will be reviewed. Sensor size classification and new camera mounting standardization will be covered.

Session 1 
New Motor & Drive Technologies
Instructors:   Scott Reynolds, Electric Torque Machines - Transverse Flux, an Emerging Motor Technology
Jim Honea, Transphorm - High Efficiency, High Frequency Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Devices for Driving Electric Motors
Sergei Kolomeitsev, Revolution Motor Industries - New AC Induction Motor Design Improves Efficiency and Reduces Current Draw
This session starts with electric motor fundamentals and how motor performance affects your automation system. We'll also explore transverse flux machines and how they increase design flexibility and system performance. High efficiency, high frequency gallium nitride (GaN) power devices for driving electric motors will be covered. A new AC induction motor design will be introduced that achieves significant current reduction.

Session 2

Automation Users Share their Experiences
Company executives who have used automation to become stronger global competitors will share their personal experiences. These companies were facing going out of business or sending all manufacturing overseas. They deployed automation and have increased hiring and are thriving businesses today.
Drew Greenblatt, President, Marlin Steel
Matt Tyler, President & CEO, Vickers Engineering

View recent CNBC interview with Marlin Steel and Vickers Engineering

10:00 am to 1:00 pm Tutorial 10 – CVP-Basic Certification Class
The Fundamentals of Camera and Image Sensor Technology
Instructor: Jon Chouinard, JAI, Inc.
Gain a basic understanding of camera design, from analog to digital cameras. Find out about different camera types and their capabilities. Learn about capabilities of different camera outputs from analog to USB to Camera Link. Other topics include CCD and CMOS sensors, the capabilities of monochrome versus color sensors, area scan and line scan arrays, and which cameras are best suited for specific vision applications.
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tutorial 11 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
3D Vision System Development
Instructor: Dr. Mattias Johannesson, SICK
Learn how advancements in 3-D camera technology are enabling new solutions for more applications than ever before. Review the many vision-based 3-D measurement techniques and which achieve the best results. This session will provide real application techniques you can use in electronics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, aerospace, automotive and many other industries.

Tutorial 12 – CVP-Basic Certification Class

Image Processing Fundamentals
Instructor: Dr. Romik Chatterjee, Graftek Imaging
In this class you'll gain an understanding of how machine vision and imaging algorithms work. These fundamentals will be used to show a variety of ways to solve real world industry application examples. Attendees will be exposed to the strength and capabilities that software can provide while gaining an understanding of complete imaging system requirements needed to optimize their application needs.

Session 3
New Developments in Industrial Robot Safety
Instructor: Jeff Fryman, Robotic Industries Association
You'll learn what the new industrial robot safety standard allows in the newest developments for robot systems and cells that will allow people to work in closer cooperation with robots. You will get a look into the future of what industrial robot systems may offer and how they are configured. This session will include a review of the new robot safety standards, both domestic and international, and how they can impact your company.

Session 4
Motion Control Application Success Stories

Industry experts will share case histories on successful motion control applications including what worked and what didn't. You'll gain new insights and strategies on how to implement your own systems.
Instructors:   Aaron Dietrich, Tolomatic – Designing Actuators for Wash Down or Harsh Environments
Jason Lazar, Nabtesco Motion Control, Inc. – Solving Motion Control Solutions with Cycloidal Gear Reducers
Reid Hunt, Kollmorgen
7:00 pm to ? Automate Networking Dinner Party
Buddy Guy's Legends
Join this party for great networking, dinner, drinks and premier blues by Carlos Johnson. The private party is open to Automate attendees and exhibitors. Tickets ($35) are required and must be purchased in advance at show registration.
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
8:00 am to 10:00 am
Session 5
Practical Applications Using Vision Guided Robotics
This session features highly experienced integrators and end users sharing successful vision guided robotics application strategies. You'll learn how to build smarter robotic applications and how to successfully implement VGR with 2.5D. Also covered will be building fighter aircraft with VGR, as well as flexible, reconfigurable assembly systems with VGR.
Instructors:   Mike Monnin, Ellison Technologies - Building Smarter Robotic Automation
David Siedal, Lockheed Martin - Building Fighter Aircraft with VGR
Yhu-Tin Lin, General Motors - Flexible, Reconfigurable Assembly Systems with VGR
Kevin Ackerman, JMP Engneering – Successful Implementations of VGR with 2.5D

Session 6
Considerations in Designing a Motion Control System

Gain a deeper understanding of motion control system design and the elements that go into it. Discover best practices and ways to avoid some common pitfalls during the design, test, acceptance and maintenance phases.
Instructors:   Tom England, Kollmorgen
Kevin Hull, Yaskawa
8:00 am to 12:00 pm Tutorial 13 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Color Machine Vision and Applications
Instructor: Ben Dawson, Teledyne DALSA
Color is important for a growing number of machine vision applications in food, pharmaceutical, automotive and many other markets. This course will start with how color images are formed and then review aspects of human color vision that are important in designing a color machine vision system. Then we concentrate on how to build and apply color machine vision systems to tasks such as automated inspection, tracking, identification and color matching.
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm Certified Vision Professional – Basic Level EXAM
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Tutorial 14 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
Instructor: Steve Prehn, FANUC Robotics America
Vision guidance is common in robot applications. This course will detail proper techniques for implementing a vision guidance system and will include the latest technology advances. Attendees should possess basic robotic and system integration knowledge.

Session 7
Advances in Robot Technology

Industry experts will present new robot technologies and what is coming in the near future. Topics include human scale automation, mobile manipulation developments, robots with common sense and the future of robot gripping technology.
Instructors:   Erik Nieves, Yaskawa Motoman - Human Scale Automation
Paul Hvass, Southwest Research Institute - Mobile Manipulation Developments
Jesse Hayes, SCHUNK - Robotic Gripping - What is the Future?
Alex Goodwin, Rethink Robotics - Robots with Common Sense

Session 8
Motion Control 2.0 – The Future of System Design

Discover how the next generation of machine design tools will accelerate development, reduce maintenance, and enable higher performance motion control solutions.
Instructors:   Robert Muehlfellner, B&R Industrial Automation Corp. - How Smart Engineering and Modular Hardware Concepts Contribute to Effective Machine Automation Solutions
Bill Allai, National Instruments- Machine Design - Next Generation

Session 9
Vision & Imaging Successful Application Stories

Gain new ideas and strategies for implementing vision and imaging through the proven applications shared by vision experts.
Instructors:   John Salls, Vision ICS, Inc.
David Wyatt, Automation Doctor Inc.- Implementing Vision Systems that Work
Thursday, January 24, 2013
8:00 am to 10:00 am

Tutorial 15 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Metrology and 2D Calibration Techniques
Instructor: David Michael, Cognex Corporation
Participants will gain an understanding of techniques for creating systems that yield reliable and repeatable measurement results. Practices for proper calibration of imaging systems ranging from appropriate usage of targets to accurate algorithm deployment will be discussed. How to manage images correctly to create repeatable results will be reviewed. Anyone who is developing metrology systems or having and need for accurate measurements will benefit from this curriculum. 

Session 10
Industrial Robot Application Success Stories

Learn to solve your application challenges from the successes of industry experts. Applications covered include robotic machine tending, automating a packaging line, bin picking and architectural milling.
Instructors:   Tom Sipple, Yaskawa Motoman - Success in Robotic Machine Tending
Keith Hussinger, Kelly Moore Paint and Earl Wohlrab, Intelligrated - Automating the Package Line at Kelly Moore Paint
David Bruce, FANUC Robotics America - Intelligent Solutions for Bin Picking 
Jim Cooper, KUKA Robotics Corporation - The Use of Industrial Robots in Architectural Milling Applications

Session 11
Understanding and Implementing Emerging Technologies in Vision
This session looks at the latest vision technologies and how they are being used in automation.
Instructor:  Xuemei Wang, Pleora Technologies

10:30 am to 11:30 am Tutorial 16 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Non-Visible Imaging Theory and Techniques
Instructor: Douglas Malchow, Goodrich ISR Systems
Non-visible imaging methods offer unique benefits for a variety of vision tasks. In this session, you'll learn more about infrared and thermal techniques and better understand if non-visible imaging solutions are right for your specific needs.
2:30 pm to 5:00 pm Tutorial 17 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Particle Analysis and Classification Techniques
Instructor: Kevin Landman, Datalogic Automation
The ability to correctly analyze and classify details and particles in an image can be critical to the success of an imaging application. Strategies around thresholding, advanced morphology and the correct usage of particle filters will be covered. Additional topics include training strategies, images transforms, and image filtering.
Friday, January 25, 2013
8:00 am to 10:30 am Tutorial 18 – CVP-Advanced Certification Class
Designing High-Speed and Linescan Vision Systems
Instructor: Perry West, Automated Vision Systems, Inc.
In this course you learn how latency and determinism relates to high-speed and to real-time performance and how the different types of vision system components affect the latency of the vision system. Topics cover components for image acquisition as well as different approaches to image processing, including processing architecture/hardware, operating system, application software, and resynchronization. You'll learn about the performance parameters you must know to quantify speed and real-time performance and a methodology for guiding the design of a vision system. Example designs illustrate how you use these parameters and techniques to achieve design performance goals.
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Certified Vision Professional - Advanced Level EXAM